Document needs list

In order to streamline the Pre-Approval, we have compiled a check-list of items below that will help us and you make the loan pre-approval a painless and simple process, it is recommended that you have as many of the documents as possible prior to beginning the pre-approval. 

  1. Completed loan application and signed borrowers authorization. You can complete the loan application online by going to the main page of this website.  Click on "Apply Now" and complete your secure loan application.  Only complete the sections that you can and leave blank the sections that you are unsure of

  2. Copy of drivers license 
  3. 2016/2015 - Complete personal tax returns including all schedules and statements (Federal only). 
  4. 2016/2015 - Complete business tax returns including K1’s for all entities with 25% or greater ownership interest.  NOTE:  P&L's and Balance sheets will be needed once you are in the loan process
  5. 2016/2015 - K1’s for all entities with less than 25% ownership interest.  
  6. 2016/2015 – W2’s
  7. Pay stubs to cover most recent 30 days. i.e if you get paid 2x month, please provide most recent 2 pay stubs.  If paid, weekly, please provide most recent 4 pay stubs
  8. 2 most recent months personal bank statements
  9. Most recent statement for all quarterly accounts (401K, investments, IRA, etc).  
  10. Copy of current property insurance decleration page to show annual premium for all properties owned – if applicable
  11. Copy of most recent mortgage statement for all properties owned
  12. Please provide any information you feel is important to your loan pre-approval i.e, new employment, BK, foreclosure, extended leave of absence, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you and I look forward to working with you